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My Dream Home

Sri Lanka welcomes senior foreign nationals who wish to a prolonged stay in Sri Lanka on Residence Visa under the SRI LANKA MY DREAM HOME PROGRAMME.
All applicants who fulfill following entry requirements and wish to enter into Sri Lanka - MY DREAM HOME PROGRAMME are invited to submit their applications.


  • Residence visa valid for 02 years which is renewable, will be granted Feeling welcome and safe while living in Sri Lanka among who are kind to foreigners.
  • Enjoying range of climates, seasons and temperatures etc.
  • Endless outdoor health-giving opportunities for golf, tennis, physical training in gyms, marathon running, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, sea or fresh water fishing, bird-watching and observing nature in world class game reserves.
  • Luxurious furnished houses or flats are available on the tropical coastal belt, in the scenic central highlands and in the main cities.

Eligibility :

  • Any foreign national over 55 years of age.
  • Should remit US$15,000 or the equivalent in an approved foreign currency and deposit them in a fixed deposit account in an approved Commercial Bank in Sri Lanka.
  • A monthly remittance of US$ 1500 or the equivalent in an approved foreign currency for the principal applicant and US$ 750 or the equivalent in an approved foreign currency for each spouse and dependent child* for their upkeep (if accompanied by spouse/children) in a savings or current account in an approved Commercial Bank in Sri Lanka. *under 18 years and unmarried.

Required documents :

  • esidence Visa Form with 02-passport size photographs. Application is available in the Visa Division of the department of Immigration Emigration or download Application.
  • A certified copy of Passport/ Travel document (All pages).
  • A certified copy of latest Bank Statement / other related financial documents to indicate the financial capability to support stay in Sri Lanka.
  • Source of income (Pension / Superannuation) for monthly Remittance for US$1500 for principal     applicant and US$750 for each dependent.
  • Police clearance certificate not later than 06 months from the country of domicile.
  • Marriage certificate of claim Residence Visa for spouse.

Terms and Conditions :

  • Applicants under this scheme may withdraw their entire fixed deposit anytime should they decide to terminate their stay in Sri Lanka. However, they must obtain prior approval from the Controller of Exchange in Sri Lanka through the Controller General of Immigration Emigration to withdraw funds. Interest gain from the fixed deposit can be withdrawn and spend for the applicants upkeep.
  • Should possess a valid medical insurance policy, which is applicable in Sri Lanka.
  • Should submit a police clearance certificate from the country of domicile. A police clearance certificate from Sri Lanka at the time of renewal of the residence visa .
  • Not involve in any type of criminal activities.
  • Should not involve in any type of political activities in Sri Lanka and not participate in any activities that can be considered as sensitive to the local people and a threat to the security of the country.
  • No paid or unpaid employment while staying in Sri Lanka.
  • Resident GuestsApplicants are bound by the rules and regulations of taxes of Sri Lanka and they are liable to pay relevant taxes.
  • very applicant is expected to submit with half-year bank statement related to the fixed deposit and savings account to the Controller (Visa) of the Department of Immigration Emigration.
  • Should inform the Controller (Visa) of the Department of Immigration Emigration any changes in visa status, personal information is changed.

Processing of applications :
The applications are accepted and processed only at the Department of Immigration Emigration in Colombo 10.

  • Applicant will be notified the position of his/her application in writing within two weeks of the submission of application.
  • Successful applicant will be issued (a) a Provisional Approval Letter to open up a fixed deposit Foreign Currency account and a savings account for US$ 1500 for living expenses and (b)   instruction letter to the Operational Manager of the Bank.
  • Applicant should submit with the Bank Statement for fixed Deposit of US$15,000 and  US$1500 for monthly remittance to the Competent Authority. Also US$ 750 for each dependent if applicable.
  • Residence visa is valid for two years, which is renewable, will be granted to the applicant   and dependents.
  • Visa Application Processing Fee.
  • Application processing fee of US$ 150 for each applicant and dependent.
  • Residence visa fee and tax -SLRS 20,000.00 per year for each applicant, spouse and dependent children over 16 years of age.
  • If the applicant fulfills all the above requirements, Residence Visa will be granted within 03 working days.