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Overseas Applications

Overseas Missions Branch


  1. No fingerprints will be captured from overseas applicants at the time of submitting application at Diplomatic Missions.
  2. Submission of digital photograph through a registered photo studio is not required.
  3. Other document requirement remain same.

Download Form K35 passport application (Only for overseas applicants)

A Sri Lankan citizen can apply for a new passport or passport renewal, while he is in another country, through the Sri Lankan mission in that country or in the nearest country (where a Sri Lankan misssion is not available in the resident country). These applications are processed by the Overseas Missions Branch at Immigration Head Office

Contact persons/details
Deputy Controller - Mr. S. M. S. D. Gunasingha
Tel +94 11 5329230 Ext 9230          
Fax +94 11 2879213     
Email acom[at]immigration.gov.lk

How to submit applications through Overseas Sri Lankan Missions:
Documents required: see Issue of passports.

Applicable fees for applications logged at Sri Lankan Missions Abroad.
See Circulars below,

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Overseas Missions List

Supportive Services
Certification service
How can I get Certification of a copy of the main data page of a Passport ?
Certification service is provided by the Overseas Missions Branch of Department of Immigration and Emigration.

What are the documents required to obtain this service ?
Original Passport and the copies to be certified

What are the fees applicable for this service ?
LKR 250.00 per each copy.  (Up to 3 copies)

Translation Service
An Arabic translation of the main page data and related endorsements is provided at the Overseas Missions Branch at Department of Immigration & Emigration.

What is the procedure for obtaining a translation of my passport ?
Applicant must present him/her self at the Head Office of the Department of Immigration & Emigration with his/her Passport.

What is the fee applicable for this service ?
LKR 1000.00 per passport translation


News & Events

Change of Contact Number on Photo Studio Registration

Please be informed that the contact number 011 5731028 will be changed to 011 5329313 with effect from 29.12.2016. The current number 011 5731028 will not operate thereafter. For any information and queries on photo studio registration and operation contact us on 011 5329313.

ETA charges has been revised

ETA charges has been revised from 28/12/2015 onwards. More information http://www.eta.gov.lk

An Another Great Achievement

Department of Immigration and Emigration has achieved Quality  Management Certificate from the Sri Lanka Standards Institution in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 / SLS ISO 9001:2008.

(Certificate No.   QSC 07283)

Registration of Photo Studios

Department of Immigration and Emigration has made arrangements to issue the Sri Lankan passport with a photograph of international standards. Applications are called from the studios which have fulfilled basic requirements to undertake the aforesaid task, to be registered under this department.

Click to Register

Biometrics to the passport issuance
The Cabinet of Ministers has granted approval for the introduction of ‘Biometrics to the passport issuance’ process at the cabinet meeting held on 29-08-2013.