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Diplomatic & Official Visits
Sri Lankan Diplomatic & Official passport holders are privileged to obtain on arrival gratis visa (Free of charge basis) for the following countries for their official and private visits.
Country Type of Passport
Duration of the Visa period
Socialist Republic of Vietnam Diplomatic, Official 90 Days
Republic of Cuba Diplomatic
90 Days
Republic of Indonesia Diplomatic, Official, Service, Ordinary 30 Days
Union of Myanmar Diplomatic, Official, Service 30 Days
Islamic Republic of Pakistan Diplomatic, Official 30 Days
Federative Republic of Brazil Diplomatic, Official, Service 90 Days
Republic of Chile Diplomatic, Official 90 Days
Republic of Seychelles Diplomatic, Official, Ordinary
60 days at each visit and cumulative duration of 90 days in a year
Peoples Republic of China (PRC) Diplomatic, Official, Service, Public Affairs
Up to 30 days
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Diplomatic, Official, Special (Passport holders) Up to 30 days
Kingdom of Thailand Diplomatic, Official Not exceeding 90 days
Republic of Kenya Diplomatic, Official Up to 30 days
Republic of Belarus Diplomatic, Official Up to 30 days
Islamic Republic of Iran Diplomatic, Official, Service Up to 30 days
Republic of Maldives Diplomatic, Official, Ordinary Exemption of Ninety days Visa fee
Republic of Singapore Diplomatic, Official, Ordinary Up to 30 days
Republic of India Diplomatic, Official (for diplomatic and official visits only) (If employed by an International body or agency, Visa/ETA should be obtained for official and private visits) 30 days
Russian Federation Diplomatic, Official, Service 30 days

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Change of Contact Number on Photo Studio Registration

Please be informed that the contact number 011 5731028 will be changed to 011 5329313 with effect from 29.12.2016. The current number 011 5731028 will not operate thereafter. For any information and queries on photo studio registration and operation contact us on 011 5329313.

ETA charges has been revised

ETA charges has been revised from 28/12/2015 onwards. More information http://www.eta.gov.lk

Spokesman of Department of Immigration and Emigration

Deputy Controller (Computer) Mr. A. H. Lakshan De Zoysa (SLAS I)   has been appointed as the  Spokesman of Department of Immigration and Emigration.


All categories of residence visa applicants should complete and handover the “Photo Capture Paper” along with the residence visa application and relevant documents with effect from 18th of March 2015.  This is a mandatory requirement.
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Controller (Visa & Border Management)          
Department of Immigration & Emigration
Sri Lanka.

An Another Great Achievement

Department of Immigration and Emigration has achieved Quality  Management Certificate from the Sri Lanka Standards Institution in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 / SLS ISO 9001:2008.

(Certificate No.   QSC 07283)