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To: Owners of registered Photo Studios
From: The Dept. of Immigration and Emigration


In line with the Department’s policy in issuing high quality passport to the nation, it has been decided to further improve quality of passport photos receive through Photo Studio Solution. Accordingly, with effect from 1st of March, 2018, the Department will apply increased level of photo quality checks before being accepted by the system.  While the additional quality checks will help us achieving required international standards, it would also likely to increase number of photos rejected by the system.

We request you to take good note of increased level of quality checks and to make every effort to submit quality photos to avoid inconvenience.

We count on your support and corporation in this endeavour and should have further questions, please contact our telephone 011 5329313 for further information.

Please ensure if you have these facilities in your studio.


Controller (Travel)
Department of Immigration and Emigration


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