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Travel Document “Valid for specific Countries” issued by Government of Sri Lanka.

Please be informed that, Sri Lankan Ordinary Travel Document issues under 2 types as follows.

  1. Valid for All Countries
  2. Valid for Specific Countries. (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Republic of Maldives, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain ,Yemen )
Your kind attention is drawn to the fact that, the Department of Immigration and Emigration is in the process of introducing an e - Passport, compatible with the latest ICAO standards. This process will take another one year to finalize & to start the issuance.
In the meantime, this Department is now being in short of stocks available for “All Countries” valid Passports and due to certain unavoidable circumstances, the next order of “N” series All countries Passports get delayed.
As, this Department has sufficient stock of Travel documents for specific Countries, a policy decision has been taken to issue the aforementioned Travel document which is valid for specific countries by endorsing “Added All Countries” with effect from 01/06/2018 until further the notice.
Please note that the serial number from N7735001 to N7835000 will be the range that include ‘Added All Countries’ endorsement. This will appear in the middle bottom of the page number  3 in red Ink and a special endorsement in Page Number  4 in black Ink.

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