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Revision of fees with effect from 01.07.2019 under the Budget proposals No. 205
Name of the “Fees & Charges”

Current  fee

Revised fee

Travel Branch
Emergency Certificate  (Indian and Nepal)

Rs. 500/-


Lost Passport Fee (Fine for loosing Passport)

Rs. 10,000/-

Rs. 11,500/-

Identity Certificate

Rs. 3,000/-

Rs. 3,500/-

Renewal Branch
Extension of Validity (Indian & Nepal Passports)


Rs.230/- Per Year (Maximum 2 years)

Citizenship Branch
Granting Sri Lankan Citizenship by descent in case of persons born outside of Sri Lanka under section 5 (2)

Rs. 5,000/-

Rs. 5750/-

Dual Citizenship Certificate

Rs. 300,000/-

Rs. 345,000/-


Rs. 50,000/-

Rs. 57,500/-


Rs. 50,000/-

Rs. 57,500/-

Granting Sri Lankan Citizenship under Section 8

Rs. 25,000/-

Rs. 28,750/-

Granting Sri Lankan Citizenship under Section 11

Rs. 25,000/-

Rs. 28,750/-

Granting Sri Lankan Citizenship under Section 12

Rs. 50,000/-

Rs. 57,500/-

Issuing Duplicate Certificate 5(2)

Rs. 1,000/-

Rs. 1,150/-

Issuing Duplicate Certificate Dual

Rs. 1,000/-

Rs. 1,150/-

Ports and Investigation Branch
Passport Courier Service

Rs. 1,000/-

Rs. 1,150/per passport

Issuing of Barcode Stickers for Crew Members

Rs. 1,000/-

Rs. 1,150/ per crew member

Overseas  Mission Division
All Countries Passport

US$ 150

US$ 158

All Countries Passport - Lost with Copy

US$ 350

US$ 373

All Countries Passport - Lost without Copy

US$ 450

US$ 473

Minor (children below 16 years of age) passport (issued only for 03 years)

US$ 125

US$ 129

Conversion of specified countries (Middle East) passport to All countries

US$ 50

US$ 58


US$ 50

US$ 54

NMRP - with Lost

US$ 150

US$ 169

Endorsements/ Amendments (Per amendment)

US$ 10

US$ 12

Extension of Validity (Per Year)

US$ 3

US$ 3

Passport Certified copies (per copy)

Rs. 250/-

Rs. 300/-

Arabic Translation for one Passport

Rs. 1,000/-

Rs. 1,200/-

* Direct submission of passport Application

Lost passport with copy
lost passport without copy

Rs. 20,125/-
Rs. 43,125/-
Rs. 43,125/-

Rs. 23,200/-
Rs. 50,000/-
Rs. 50,000/-

*When submitting a passport application through the Overseas Mission Division of the Department of Immigration and Emigration by a Sri Lankan Citizen who is residing in a country where a Sri Lankan Embassy is not situated.


News & Events

Foreign Nationals are not allowed to enter Sri Lanka until further notice

All types of Visas already granted to all foreign nationals and not arrived to Sri Lanka yet, have been temporarily suspended. They will not be allowed to enter Sri Lanka until further notice.

Suspension of issuance of Visas in Sri Lanka due to the COVID – 19 Outbreak

All types of Visa issuance to enter Sri Lanka for all countries have been temporarily suspended