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Guidelines for the Service Receivers PDF Print E-mail

  • A client who wishes to obtain a service should book a date and time using the above procedure and if such a client does not arrive at the time reserved so, the reservation will be canceled. A date and time should be reserved again using the same procedure.
  • When reserving a date and time using the above procedure, the identification number/ acknowledgment provided in the reservation of date and time should be brought when the client arrives the Department to obtain the service and it should be forwarded to the security personnel on the arrival at the Office.
  • Only the person receiving the service and the persons whose presence is required legally at the instance of getting services are permitted to enter the Office.
  • Further, information for obtaining services should be collected by visiting the website of the Department, http://www.immigration.gov.lk/ and clients should bring all the necessary documents to obtain the services.
  • Everyone who enters the office should wear face masks and should wash their hands at the places where facilities are provided to clean hands.
  • Body temperature of all the persons entering the office will be checked before entering the office premises and everyone must give their support for that purpose and persons with body temperature more than     98.4 °F or 37 °C are not allowed to enter the office premises.
  • Persons who have one or more of the symptoms of Covid - 19 such as cough, fever, cold, sore throat, body aches, shortness of breath, a person who has been in close contact with a Covid - 19 patient for the last 14 days, a person who has been quarantined for the    Covid - 19 must not arrive to the office seeking services.
  • Since the service will be provided for a limited number of clients in a day, clients should seek services by constantly maintaining a minimum distance of 1 meter.
  • Clients must comply with the guidelines given by the Officers of the Health Sectors, Security Forces, Supervising Officers of the Office and the guidelines displayed at the Office premises.

News & Events

Regional Office, Kurunegala shifted to a new building

The Regional Office, Kurunegala of this Department has been shifted to a new building at, No. 95, Negombo Road, Kurunegala from 05thOctober 2020.


Foreign Nationals are not allowed to enter Sri Lanka until further notice

All types of Visas already granted to all foreign nationals and not arrived to Sri Lanka yet, have been temporarily suspended. They will not be allowed to enter Sri Lanka until further notice.

Suspension of issuance of Visas in Sri Lanka due to the COVID – 19 Outbreak

All types of Visa issuance to enter Sri Lanka for all countries have been temporarily suspended