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Alteration of Passports
A Sri Lankan passport holder may apply for amendments of the data included in his/her passport and if the request is accepted by the Department, all such amendments will be included in the observation and alterations page.

(Download printable versions of the Application Forms here)

Other Alterations
Where can I obtain an Application Form for Alteration ?

Where can I submit my Application for Alteration ?
What is the delivery time for Alterations ?
1 Hour and 30 Minutes

What are the processing fees for Alterations ?
See table below

How can I submit my application ?
For Alterations of a passport, duly completed application form should be submitted along with the supporting documents and copies thereof as mentioned in the table below.

NB:    Originals with photocopies should be submitted
Documents Required
Applicable Fee
Change of Name Passport & Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate where applicable LKR 1000.00
Deletion of a child’s name Passport LKR 1000.00
Profession inclusion
Documents and Qualification to prove profession
LKR 1000.00
NIC Number Inclusion NIC LKR 1000.00
Cancel Single Journey NIC and Birth certificate LKR 1000.00
Cancel India Nepal only NIC and Birth certificate LKR 1000.00
Other Amendments NIC AND Birth certificate LKR 1000.00
*NIC National Identity card