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A Sri Lankan citizen can apply for a new passport or passport renewal, while he is in another country, through the Sri Lankan Mission in that country or in the nearest country (where a Sri Lankan misssion is not available in the resident country). These applications are processed by the Overseas Missions Branch at the Head Office of Department of Immigration and Emigration Immigration.

  1. Procedure to be  followed at the Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions
    • Duly filled application form (Form ‘K’- 35 A) with other supporting documents to be submitted to the Sri Lanka Embassy / Consulate Office.

    • Passport Application Form (Form ‘K’- 35 A) has now been revised to include a Client Undertaking Section (CUS). This section has to be signed by the applicant and hand over to consular officer.  No application will be accepted without applicant’s signature in CUS.

    • Every applicant will be issued a special Instruction Note at the point of handing over the passport application  which explains procedures to be followed.

    • Printed application form (Form ‘K’- 35 A) could be collected from the Sri Lanka Diplomatic Mission/ Consular division in each country and this website.

    • Download Form K - 35 A passport application (Only for overseas applicants)

      How to submit applications through Overseas Sri Lankan Missions:
      Documents required: see Downloads - Applications
      Relevant Circular : OM/2021/01

  2. Fingerprints will be captured from overseas applicants on their first visit to Sri Lanka w. e. f. 1st January 2018

    1. Applicant who has been issued a new passport from 01/01/2018, the following procedures to be followed at the Port of entry.

      • Passenger to report to primary Immigration counter


        Report directly to the Chief Immigration Officer (CIO) at the port of entry.

      • Biometric Data Acquisition (BDA) form will be issued to the passenger with a unique reference number,
      • The BDA should be signed in two copies by the passenger
      • One copy of the BDA is given to the passenger to produce at the  DIE at the time of biometrics enrolment
      • Other copy will be retained at the airport

        There are no facilities at port of departure to provide biometrics.

    2. Procedures after entering Sri Lanka - at the Department of Immigration head office or regional office:

      • Passenger reports to the DIE Head Office or any Regional Office (Matara/ Kandy/ Vavuniya/ Kurunegala)
      • Fingerprint is captured at a special counter arranged at the OM Division
      • Approximate waiting time is 30-45 minutes for this event.
      • Border control system will be updated to allow the passenger departure from Sri Lanka.

Relevant Circular for finger prints : DIE/OM/CIR/2017/01

Contact persons/details

Deputy Controller - Ms. W. K. N. Nayomi
Tel +94 11 2 101522
Fax +94 11 2879213
Assistant Controller -  Ms. K. B. J. Perera
Tel +94 11 2 101523


Applicable fees for applications logged at Sri Lankan Missions Abroad.

See Circulars below,

Supportive Services

Certification service

How can I get Certification of a copy of the main data page of a Passport ?

Certification service is provided by the Overseas Missions Branch of Department of Immigration and Emigration.

What are the documents required to obtain this service ?

Original Passport and the copies to be certified

What are the fees applicable for this service ?

LKR 300.00 per each copy.

Translation Service

An Arabic translation of the main page data and related endorsements is provided at the Overseas Missions Branch at Department of Immigration & Emigration.

What is the procedure for obtaining a translation of my passport ?

Applicant must present him/her self at the Head Office of the Department of Immigration & Emigration with his/her Passport.

What is the fee applicable for this service ?

LKR 1200.00 per passport translation



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