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The Investigation division of the Department of Immigration and Emigration entrusted with the task of identification and prevention of irregular migration to and from the country, regulating, controlling and taking enforcement actions on offenders within the country as per the provisions of the Immigrants and Emigrants Act No. 20 of 1948 and its subsequent amendments.



“To build a secure and prosperous Sri Lanka by enforcing Immigrants and Emigrants law.”



“Efficient and consistent enforcement of Immigrants and Emigrants law through proactive and reactive means in order to build a secure and prosperous country through economic development while preserving its culture”

  1. Objectives
    1. Facilitate the screening of foreigners with the intention to identify potential risk passengers whose entry deem to be in contravention of the Immigrants and Emigrants Act prior to arrival, upon arrival at the point of the entry of the foreigner and post arrival.
    2. Effectively engage in identification and removal of foreigners whose stay is in contravention of the immigrants and emigrants act.
    3. Identification and prosecution of persons who aid and abet committing of an offence under Immigrants and Emigrants Act.
    4. Identification of trafficking in persons and human smuggling and referring such cases for prosecution.
    5. Investigating and providing recommendations for issuing and extending visas.
    6. Carry out court orders in respect of detention and repatriation of foreigners.
    7. Maintain consistency in the investigation process at all times.
    8. Promote partnership and sharing information for enforcement purposes.
  2. Act and Regulations
    1. The Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
    2. The Immigrants and Emigrants  Act No. 20 of 1948 as amended by acts No. 16 of 1955, No. 68 of 1961, No. 16 of 1993, No. 42 of 1998, No. 31 of 2006, No. 07 of 2015, No. 27 of 2021 and the regulation
    3. Penal Code
    4. Criminal Procedure Code Act
    5. Evidence Ordinance
    6. The Citizenship Act No. 18 of 1948 and subsequent amendments.


Contact details

Address - Investigation Division, Department of Immigration and Emigration, 6th Floor, “Suruhurupaya”, Battaramulla.
Hotline - 011 5749999
Phone - 0114199318
Email -
Fax - 0112885358


Officer Contact details


Controller (Investigation and Operations)

  • Name         - MR. M.G.V. Kariyawasam
  • Office No    - 0112101564

Assistant Controller (Investigation)

  • Name         - MR. S.A.J. Prasanna Kumara
  • Office No    - 0112101565

"හරි පාරෙන් රට යමු"

"சரியான வழியில்  வௌிநாடு செல்வோம்"



According to the Immigrants and Emigrants act an employer should ensure that the foreign job seeker is lawfully employable.
  • First the foreigner should have a valid travel document.
  • The job seeker should arrive in Sri Lanka with an Entry Visa/Landing Endorsement .
  • Within the period of stay granted at the port of entry, a Residence Visa should be applied for the foreign employee.
No.  He/She needs to obtain a Residence Visa for the current place of employment. A Residence Visa is granted strictly for one purpose.
No. It is not legal.
The employer is liable to be charged/punished according to the Immigrants and Emigrants act
Please inquire from Visa Branch
No. It is not legal.
No. He/she should obtain a valid visa.
No. He / She should obtain appropriate Visa to stay in the country.



  • Dep. of Immigration and Emigration
  • "Suhurupaya", Sri Subhuthipura Road,
  • Battaramulla.
  • 1962 / +94 112 101 500
  • +94 011 2885 358