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Extending free visa for seven nationals up to 30.04.2024

A free Visa regime implemented for nationals of China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan with immediate effect, until 31.03.2024, launching as a pilot program to rebuild the tourism industry in line with the Cabinet of Ministers Approval 23/1885/602/023 dated 24.10.2023 is further extended until 30/04/2024.

02. Nationals of the above-nominated countries possessing Diplomatic, Official, Public Affairs, Service, and Ordinary passports are eligible to enjoy a visa-free regime under this scheme.

03. Above nominated nationals should apply visa via website before arrive in Sri Lanka subject to granting/issuing free of charge up to 30.04.2024.

04. The validity period of this free visa is 30 days and permits single entry from the date of initial arrival to Sri Lanka.

05. Countries already entered bilateral reciprocal agreements for visa exemption for Diplomatic, Official, Service, or Public Affairs passport holders (China, India, Russia, Indonesia, and Thailand) shall enjoy the exemption period already agreed.

06. The facility of extension of visa is not available under this free visa scheme.

07. Please note that this particular visa-free regime applies to above seven nominated countries and the rest of the countries shall follow the general rules and regulations applicable to Sri Lanka e-visa.



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