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Transit Visa

What is a Transit Visa ?

A Transit Visa, as its name implies, is an entry permit granted to a foreign national for admission into Sri Lanka for a brief period which is incidental and in the course of his journey to another destination.

What are the eligibility requirements for a Transit visa ?

Any foreign national who is en-route to another country via Sri Lanka is the only eligible applicant for transit visas.

A Transit Visa is not required by a passenger who enters Sri Lanka in the course of an unbroken journey, and the journey is to be continued by the same vessel or carrier.

A Transit Visa will also not be required from any person or group when an airline provides a list of such transit passengers and undertakes to carry them on their next available flights.

Where can I obtain a Transit visa application form ?

  • Overseas Sri Lankan Missions
  • Download printable versions of the Application Forms here

How can I submit my Transit visa application ?

You can submit a transit visa application to the nearest Sri Lankan Mission or through online

What are the documents I need to submit with my Transit visa application ?

Proof for transiting Sri Lanka

What are the fees applicable to a Transit visa ?

Free of charge for a period of 2 days which cannot be extended or converted as any other types of visa.

What is the maximum validity period of a Transit visa ?

A transit Visa shall be granted for a maximum of two days at the port of entry.



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